Teotihuacán Night Experience


Night Experience

Each function would have a capacity for 270 people, the previous season was held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday (November 2019 season - to be confirmed).


The route is calculated to take between 45 minutes and consists of a 500-meter route in the northern part of the Calzada de los Muertos, starting at the Pyramid of the Sun until reaching the Plaza de la Pirámide de la Luna and back,  there are 10 stations or stops with your audio guide in 5 languages.


Afterwards, the public will be allowed to sit on the steps of the Plaza del Sol to watch the 32-minute multimedia projection.


The Night Experience Season 2020/2021
has been canceled

Frequent questions

Where do I buy only the tickets?




In addition to Ticketmaster I coming or I can buy them somewhere else ?



NO, prior reservation, you can quote with local restaurants and hotels acquiring their services.


How long is the projection? 


Access is from 7:00 pm (depends on the time change). The entire activity lasts an average of 2 hours, first a walk along the Calzada de los Muertos (subject to weather conditions) and then the projection (30 min approx).



Tickets can be purchased at in the box  office of the archaeological zone ? 


No, the sale is only by Ticketmaster or in packages with local tour operators.


The cost is the same for children / adults?    Yes, it is General admission, children pay from 3 years.


There is a discount for groups / students / Seniors? 


 NO, the cost is the same


There is sale of food / drinks ?  


There is no sale of food and it is not allowed to enter it.

There is wheelchair access?


 - Yes

 Do you have parking?

Yes, it has a cost of $ 45 mx per car

How to get to the screening if I don't have a car ?


At the northern bus terminal, take the Teotihuacanos bus line to San Martín de las Pirámides, get off at gate 2, which is where the access to the Night Experience is, the last buses to CDMX return on average at 09:00 pm, there are no taxis outside the projection, so we suggest you take your precautions to be able to return to your place of origin.


Night Experience includes the Archaeological Zone ticket by day? ? 


No, The access to the Pyramids and the projection are different, the Archaeological Zone hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.


If I pay for parking in the morning, I can use the same ticket for the night?


 No,  They are independent


There Uber in Teotihuacán ?


YES, although it may sometimes take up to 30 to arrive.


Can you camp inside the archaeological zone? ? 

Not within the Archaeological Zone, but there are camping areas very close.


How far in advance should I book??

we suggest 2 to 3 weeks, no ticket sales at the box office


How do I book my ticket? 


The sale is only by Ticketmaster or in packages with local tour operators.



I can stay in the Archaeological Zone until the projection at Night begins ? 


No, the Archaeological Zone closes at 5 and access to the Night Experience is on average 7:00 pm, we suggest you return to your hotel if you are staying or visit the Magical Towns of San Martín de las Pirámides and San Jan Teotihuacán, in our travel guide, you will be able to see some recommendations for restaurants and experiences that you can do before the evening performance.


Night Experience includes dinner / food ?


No, outside the Archaeological Zone there are very good options to go to dinner before or after the Screening.


There are Hotels near the projection ? 

Yes, we suggest visiting our Travel Guide  

The projection is suspended in case of rain ? 

As it is an outdoor event, the safety of the attendees is prioritized, in case of rain, winds greater than 25 km / hr or electrical storms, the experience must be canceled, if this happens prior to accessing the archaeological zone,  it will be re scheduled However, if this happens once the experience has started, it will be canceled without the option of rescheduling or reimbursement for having generated the tax contribution.


We suggest wearing warm clothing and a windbreaker.

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